Logitech’s Keyboard and Trackball

1-year update

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It’s been well over a year since I got Logitech’s Craft Keyboard as well as their MX Ergo Trackball, and I must say that I am still in absolute love with this combination.

A few months back I changed my Windows PC for an iMac and sometime last year I upgraded my iPhone 8 Plus for the X. So, my current setup is 2 different iMacs plus the iPhone, and the keyboard flows beautifully between all three devices.

I am slowly starting to devote more time into graphic design, manipulating photos in Photoshop and such, so I’m having a lot of fun customizing the Crown as well as my trackball buttons in order to make it easier to use in Photoshop.

I must also report that battery life is still holding steady, I have not seen any noticeable changes to the time I get between charges.

All of the keys remain fully responsive, mouse buttons as well, and cleaning the trackball is not as hard as I would have expected (removing the ball itself to clear the dust that accumulates in the sensor areas).

Another thing that I am highly impressed with, is how resistant these two devices are. I have dropped them a couple of times and have not had any issues, noticed any scratches, nor felt any loss in performance.

The software, Logitech Options, also continues improving, rolling out updates here and there without becoming annoying or excessive.

The only downside that I still find is that MacOS does not have a “Click and hold” feature in accessibility, and Logitech Options does not offer a customization to do this through one of their extra buttons or key assignments. I have reached out to Logitech, and they confirmed that this feature is not yet available. I do hope they consider implementing it soon.

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Take a look at these 2 devices on Amazon through the links found on each side, I can promise you that you’ll love them too and enjoy the ease of use and independence you’ll have from using the correct gadgets in your everyday life! 

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